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Greetings. Hope you all enjoyed August. With September here already, it’s hard to vocalize all of the things we have accomplished this month. At this point our project boards are packed full, and we are rolling along full steam. Our new artists are all off and running, and we are receiving some very impressive things as usual.

Wide screen view of a LAND build

In addition to our usual routine, we have decided to leave our comfort zone for once and ditch voxels for triangles: SAND RUSH is entering Decentraland! We have very talented 3d artists in our ranks and we have started doing research on the technical guidelines and restrictions to building in DL. Below you will see our first build, designed and optimized for Decentraland. We have chosen to go this path because we want to expand as a Metaverse studio. We will be able to offer polygon modeling soon as an additional service. Plus we are participating in different other Metaverse projects at an early development stage.

Cherry Blossom Ridge

Cherry Blossom Ridge, by Nest

Cherry Blossom Ridge is built in the style of traditional Japanese architecture, blended with futuristic properties. The levitating office or event spaces are perfect for break-away meetings, large gatherings or shows. The representative build is featuring 3 large common rooms, a catwalk, and an outdoor patio. The landscape is decorated with beautiful cherry blossom trees that will accent the overall color scheme. Built with the Decentralands technical requirements in mind, “Cherry Blossom Ridge” will be ready for deployment on a 2x2 Land.

Back Office

Each day is an exciting new day, and a new project. I often find it difficult to describe exactly what it is we do here on a daily basis. Not because we are without direction, but because we have so much of it. We often see our role as a provider of an inspiring and exciting environment to work within. Currently we are doin pre-production, managing several project boards, several priority matrix, and all the direct work with the team. We have found that without these processes being put in place, and without clearly defined workflows, it makes it impossible to operate as a team. We find it challenging but also very satisfying when all these systems start to interact as planned and enable our team to deliver fantastic work for our projects and our clients.

In addition to that, concepting a new project is a HUGE task. Recently, this process was described to a family member as generating a detailed list of EVERYTHING that exists within a 1,000 yards. Having this list is an achievement in itself, however is not enough. Each item needs to have several properties attached to it, such as overall size for example.


Thanks for stopping in to read our monthly posting. If you are reading this, and have something you would like me to write about, or have a topic you would like covered, I will be happy to entertain the idea, and would love to chat with you about it. Contact us on Twitter for additional information.

For September we will continue developing a 3x3 hub experience. Stay tuned for some sneak peaks. Once again, thank you for reading, please stay tuned for future updates by following us here on Medium, and other Socials.

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