Sand Rush — February 2022 update

4 min readFeb 28, 2022

It always feels like February is too short, but I am usually glad to see it has passed. This year, it seems to have gone by with a particular swiftness and here at Sand Rush, we continue to move forward with our projects. Not only have we started the process of scaling up, we have been busy with our usual routine of creating assets, making cool levels, and coming up with new ideas. I am looking forward to sharing some of our new mech designs, and introducing our newest team members. Lets have a look!

Staffing update:

We are very excited to announce the addition of 3 new people to our team, and I have another one in my radar for onboarding very soon.

We have really outdone ourselves with our newest team members. Lets take a look.


Very excited to finally announce Ouyman has joined our team. We have been following his social media for a while now, and recommend you all do the same. Check out this amazing crab boss!

Sand Rush — Crab Boss


TongYang Chicken has joined us from Taiwan as our newest logic designer. We have been very impressed with what he has already accomplished on the Dark Temple level, and cant wait to share this playable experience with everyone!

Discover beautiful gardens in the dark temple!

Mark T. Schoenrock

Mark is joining us as a team lead, and manager type person. We have a back log of tasks we need to get through, and having an extra hand is going to make a big difference. Mark has been professionally involved with multimedia art for over a decade. His skills include 3d modeling, and team management. We could not be happier to have him on board.

Mark T. Schoenrock

Mech Bee

I’m not sure what the determining factor was for this. but we have certainly strengthened our mech collection over the last few weeks. Take a look at some of these fantastic renders.

Queen bee boss made by Beryll
Mini boss design from Ouyman

As you can see we have this cool series of bee’s that will be joining our collection, so keep your eyes open for them in the metaverse.

Sand Rush on Sand Storm meet up stream

Incase you missed our live stream interview with the Sand Storm meetup you can catch up with it here. looks like this video has over 700 views at the time of this writing. We had a great conversation, and will be looking forward to developing our community relationship with Sand Storm.

Dark Temple Progress

Thanks to the hard work and dedication from one of our newest team members, Dark Temple is still on schedule for completion by the end of March. Here are a few screen shots of what you can expect.

One thing we have been experimenting with are the different lighting configurations. Currently we have decided to move away from the night theme and try the desert theme. The result is a much more vibrant world, with better appreciation for details.

Tree kit example, by Momo

Behind the scenes

Internal tools continue to be refined, and new processes are discovered each week. For example, recently we were able to solve an issue with linear interpolation preventing attack animations form rendering properly. The results are more realistic attack sequences for our NPCs. We continue with pre-production, and planning documentation for our next project which we anticipate will start within just a few weeks. In the meantime, we will continue to get our new team members situated and continue moving forward with scaling up.

Thanks for taking the time to catch up on the Sand Rush project!

Chris | SR Co-Founder


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