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I hope you are all enjoying your summer so far! Here in the studio, things have been crazy as ever. We have hired 4 people, started preproduction on our next project, and established several internal systems to help streamline our processes.

Crab Mech Boss!


First up, we have started creating a custom avatar, to be used in various experiences throughout the metaverse

Anuran Warrior Alpha Card

Our custom avatar must have the ability to work with specialized equipment, and weapon slots. As you can see below we have gone through the process of setting this up already.

Custom Blade Template

Next up, we will be working out animations sequences for this guy, so we can test it out in game. We have plans to add secondary motion on the dreadlocks to make movements look more natural. This is a massive 2-handed sword, I'm sure it will be fun to animate.


Progress continues on Dark Temple. We have concerns that play time might take longer than we want, so we will soon be going through the process of trimming out content and saving it for another experience. I imagine this will be rather time consuming, however it is a necessary task.

Dark Temple Queen Bee battle!


Our hiring campaign was a huge success. We are fortunate to have received portfolios, and resumes from several qualified artists. It was a fun and interesting process for us to learn about, and it was more difficult than we imagined it would be. We received applications from around the globe, and with backgrounds in all kinds of industries. In the end, we have picked 4 new artists, and have gain an ever growing list of qualified candidates we intend to contact in the future. Please check out our newest team members on Twitter, and give them a like and follow.

Zebracan []


Saint Cutty []


Laele []


White Arrow []

Here at SAND RUSH, we employ smart, creative people. We strive to create a happy, positive community that allows for artistic freedom. If working for SAND RUSH is something you would like more information on, please contact us on twitter, and we will reach out to you during our next round.


This coming month we will finish the majority of pre-production for our new project, and soon will be assigning projects to the design team. We will continue to move forward on our internal tools, and plan to make several more revisions to our website. I hope soon to be able to share some animated clips of our avatar, so stay tuned!

Thank you for reading, please stay tuned for future updates by following us here on Medium, and other Socials.

Chris | SR Co-Founder





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