SAND RUSH — March / April 2022

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Greetings, thanks for stopping in to get the latest on SAND RUSH. As you have probably noticed I am combining last month, and this month into a single entry. This means we have a lot to cover, so lets get started.

Anuran Shaman


First up, we are happy to announce SAND RUSH, ltd has officially been established, and will be operating from Switzerland. This is great news for the team because now we can start functioning as a business, and do things such as sign contracts, and pay wages. This was an arduous process, slightly complicated by the fact all of our founders live in different countries.

In other news, we are very excited to also announce Pepe and I have both resigned from our professional jobs, and soon will both be working full time, acting in the best interest of our company.

For me personally, being able to finally take this step is a major achievement. We have worked tirelessly, to make this happen, and it feels good to finally see some fruits of our labor. Freeing ourselves from a day job is going to make a huge difference. When I reflect on what we have already accomplished, I’m excited to see what we will do this year now that we are blessed with the opportunity to do this full time.


This month has been busy with a lot of paperwork, and documentation. We are currently in the process of submitting our Dark Temple level to TSB for review and approval. This means we need everything to be on the up n’ up, and includes making sure we meet the requirements for TSB. Some of the required documentation shed light on a few things we could improve on, which lead us down a rabbit hole of running a quick audit on our current asset library (several hundred assets). This was a bit time consuming, but completion of this task will have a huge impact on our future documentation, and data storage.

Accelerator Program

The Sandbox Metaverse Accelerator Program’s core directive is to support the launch of new startup companies that can contribute to the growth and expansion of the metaverse. We have received word that SAND RUSH has been selected for round 2 of the review process. Part 2 of this application was a bit overwhelming at first, and is very detailed in nature. It has forced us to take some new ideas into consideration we had not previously considered. Overall, I feel happy with our submission. We hope to be selected. We could really use this funding to hire new talent, and help bring some new people into the metaverse full time.

Dark Temple

Dark Temple is moving into the play testing stage. This has been an enlightening experience for all of us. Over all we are extremely pleased with how this project has progressed, and the outcome exceeds our expectations. Decorating an entire LAND is a time extensive process, and an accomplishment in and of itself. As I have mentioned above the SANDBOX has a lot of documentation that needs completion before we can submit for review. We have made progress on this document, and plan to finish it up this coming month.

Asset creation

As usual, a lot of really cool stuff coming from the creative team here at SAND RUSH. Asset creation is not just about creating cool assets. It also requires a lot of documentation, and every asset has to be reviewed for approval. Once the review is completed, we test it in the game engine to confirm it functions as we indented. Lets take a look at a cool bear trap that has recently been added to our library!

Watch yer step! bear trap shown in slow motion to increase drama.


This month we will continue moving forward with Dark temple, asset creation, and everything else. We also have a lot of administrative tasks to complete (as always), and will be looking to once again expand our team as soon as we are able too. We will also be spending a considerable amount of time and effort putting together some asset collections, and start preparing them for release.

Thank you for reading, please stay tuned for future updates by following us here on Medium, and other Socials.

Chris | SR Co-Founder





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