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Founder joins full time!

May has been an interesting month for all of us. Here at SAND RUSH we have been busy, and productive. Starting June 1st, one of our co-founders, Pepe, will be coming on board full time! We are very excited about this transition. Pepe is coming from decades of experience as an architectural model builder. His leadership skills, and critical thinking will bring strong roots to our company.

Asset Design

A lot of interesting, and beautiful assets were added to our library this month. Lets take a look at a few things we have been working on.

Ferocious Tiger Mech!
Anuran Shaman

Dark Temple Set — COMPLETE!

SAND RUSH Block samples

After completing close to 400 assets, we now feel comfortable saying the SAND RUSH dark temple asset collection is complete! Obviously we are not able to post all of them here, but you can see a small sample of BLOCKs we have made posted above. Blocks are the literal building blocks for level design, and a very important part of every SANDBOX project. With this project being out of the way, we can now open the doors to a new theme! We have decided to go with a mech vibe, and chosen to do a dirty sci-fi theme. We are excited to share some new work with everyone. Take a look below for a few sneak peak.

Asset preview designed by for SAND RUSH

Crypto Decline

Recent decline in the crypto market has many people feeling uneasy. We encourage all of those that are invested in the financial markets to keep your chin up, and try to stay positive. Avoid obsessing over the charts, and don’t allow yourself to be consumed by a loss. Sadly none of us have control over these giant financial moves, so focus on the things you can control. It can get worse yet. Remember, you are not alone. Millions of people are effected by these moves, and there are facilities that can offer support and services. Keep of sound mind and health. If you find yourself in a dark place, please reach out to someone. There is more to life than money. The market will probably recover at some point, but humans lives are not replaceable.❤


In the coming weeks we intended to bring our social media presence to a new level. We also plan to start work on our website,, and hope to have some cool new things to share with the community!

As builders we remain persistent and continue to build through both bear and bull markets with the same dedication. If content is only being developed during bulls markets there is no market sustainability. We encourage all other builders to do the same.

Thank you for reading, please stay tuned for future updates by following us here on Medium, and other Socials.

Chris | SR Co-Founder





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