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Greetings friends, what a crazy year it has been for all of us. I find it interesting to reflect back on our accomplishment from this year, and get a clear picture of how thing have evolved. I am happy to say that we have accomplished the majority of our stated goas this year, and look forward to 2023 being even more productive as we continue to ram up.

Recently, here at Sand Rush, we remain busy taking steps forward. A lot has come to light over the last few months, and I am excited to share a new found vision with everyone, But first, lets do a quick recap of the last few months.



In October we made a dedicated effort to update our website, and release a collection of zombie animations. Currently when users can visit they find out some information about the company, check out some portfolio pieces, download an animation pack and sign up for our news letter. In the future, users will frequently visit to find valuable resources such as animation collections, asset collections, and helpful developer tools.

Animation Tool

It turns out there is demand for some the in house tools we have built, and we are happy to announce the Sand Rush animation tool has bee acquired by the Sandbox. This powerful script will allow animators to use tools such as IK/FK, custom animation curves, physics based animations, and whatever else they can imagine, then confidently load these animations into Voxedit. The implications of this tool are vast, and we believe will likely change the dynamic of the Sandbox pipeline. This tool will grow beyond our intentions, and serve a larger, global community in ways that haven’t been discovered yet. We look forward to seeing the final form of this tool, and plan to continue working with the Sandbox developers to make it all happen. As you can imagine, implementation of something like this takes a fair amount of carful planning, but please keep your eyes open for further developments in this area.

Project Manager Update


We are extremely happy to have Candyh join the SAND RUSH team as a project manager! We have tried out a few different solutions for this position, and we now feel confident we have found the right person. Candyh is adding industry experience to our team, and helping out with some much needed task management. Candyh has a background in the game industry and also manages a group of artists for the Sandbox. She brings incredible talent and skill to our team. Thanks for joining us Candyh!

New Artists join!

Radius Dawn

Radius Dawn

Radius Dawn has recently joined our team as an artist. Her portfolio is exceptional, and we are very fortunate to have her join us.

Radius Dawn has an energetic attitude that brings a powerful positive outlook and attitude to our team! She has already started actively creating assets, and has become a valuable member of our team. Thanks for joining us Radius Dawn!


When Natalamka joined our team, he hit the ground running. Natalamka creates beautiful, and inspiring voxel works, which makes him a perfect match for our team. There are a lot of things to like about Natalamka, and we are overjoyed to have him on our team. Thanks for joining us Natalamka!

Vision Update

Sand Rush has been working together as a team for around three years now. Over the course of these last few years, we have overcome several obstacles, and resolved many interesting problems in creative ways, all while operating in a heavily fluctuating market. Recently we have taken a hard look at we have created, and challenged ourselves to envision our future.

Behind the scenes we have created some very powerful developer tools that work perfectly with the Sandbox platform. Although our initial intentions were to keep these tools for ourselves, we have had a change of heart, and have an evolved vision for what we must do. By sharing our tool box to the sandbox creators community, we unlock a whole new world of potential. These tools are already being used on a daily basis, and have saved countless hours. It is essential for tools like these to exist, and will be a requirement for the further development of the metaverse.

2x1 Mini map made in Magicavoxel

Road Map

Our roadmap for 2023 takes a hard turn in the direction of community support, along with creating tools that can be used by the ever growing TSB game maker community. Based on suggestions from community members, and our own experiences, we have created a massive project board and have been working diligently to flesh out all of the concepts. There is a lot of work to do this coming year, and I expect we will be looking to expand our team in new ways soon. Some topics on our roadmap include advanced animation tools, terrain generation, voxel texturing applications, rapid land prototyping, data reporting systems, and the ability to swap asset collections.

These goals are ambitious, however they are not beyond our current abilities. We expect many hurdles, and many victories along the way. Most of all, we are excited to eventually release these tools to the developers community, and look forward to the day this happens.


Thanks for stopping in to read our monthly posting. If you are reading this, and have something you would like me to write about, or have a topic you would like covered, I will be happy to entertain the idea, and would love to chat with you about it. Contact us on Twitter for additional information.

Chris | SR Co-Founder





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